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Written by Willem-Alexander kelders   
JackyIn 1997 I had, together with my dog Jacky,  my first introduction to Agility. My Agility-instructor encouraged me to do competitions, so after my first competition I had the Agility virus ! In 1998 we got the 3 Excellents or U-tjes as we call it in Holland, so in 1999 we could compete in the B1 competition. The same year we became champion of the B1 class. In 2000 we started very good but in the last competition before the Worldchampionship I got so nervous that I didn’t get any points during my round so I became reserve for the Worldchampionship in 2000. Due to a groin-injury I couldn’t compeed the whole season in 2001. 

In the beginning of 2002 Jacky tore her cruciate ligament so we missed the competitions for the World Championship selection. Finally we did manage to place ourselves for the World Chamionships because Jacky was fully recovered before the Dutch Championship. Due to becoming Dutch Champion we placed ourselves for the Worldchampionship. Jacky knew how to surprise me by running fantastic rounds on the World Championship so we became a third place !! We also won  a CACIAG twice on the Worldwinner in the same year.

After the bad luck of a second cruciate ligament injury, Jacky managed to place herself in 2004 and 2005 for the World Championship. We couldn’t match the results from 2002 anymore. On the World Championship of 2005 we run our last course. It was a very difficult decision but after 4 years of injury we had one year of no injury so it was the right moment to stop and I could look with proud and joy to a wonderfull competition with Jacky. In the last years i competed with my border collie Alina. At the end of 2015 i began with my new sheltie Figo who already competes in 2nd degree.


I started to be an instructor after problems at the club where I trained in 2000.

Because there where more problems in 2001, I left the club and started Jacky Jack Agility. In 2004 several foreign clubs asked me to come and instruct so I gave some seminars. I really enjoy that because you see how the students learn from you and get better during the seminars. In the last 15 years on most of the World Championships and European Championships some of my students competed.

ImageAnother challenge and experience was me being a coach for the IMCA team Holland in 2004 and 2005. The former coach stopped after 3 years so I started and did this for 2 years. I really enjoyed doing that. I stopped because I got the opportunity to become a judge for Cynophilia, the organisation of Agility in Holland. I wanted to do this for a long time so It wasn’t a difficult choice. I did the classes to become a judge and passed the exams. The day that I passed the exams, Cynophilia asked me to become a member of the World Championship Commission. It’s a difficult job because you never do the right thing but at the same time an opportunity to see Agility from a different angle. It’s a nice job of which I can say that it’s a challenge and a pleasure to do. I also judged 4 competitions last season and next year I am allowed to judge the C class, the highest class. Since 2008 i am an official FCI Judge for Agility. I already judged in more than 10 countries and this year i will also judge the Nordic Cup in Norway.
In 2014 i also was the coach of the dutch team at the World Championship but because of different ideas then the dutch kennelclub i refused to be the coach anymore.

Last but not least I also organise competitions. In 2000 and 2001 these where selection competitions and the Dutch Championship and since 2003 also for the Dutch Sheltieclub.  This resulted in the fact that in 2004, together with Han Wijnen we started the International Sheltie Agility Championship.  Due to foreign friends this became a big success. In November we had the 12th edition of the ISAC with more than 460 participants and this year we hope to get more than 500 participants.



Hoe vaak zou jij een uur in een agility hal huren als er 1 binnen een uur rijden zou zijn.


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