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Agility is the new and hottest thing in Dog sport today. It was founded in 1978 in England. It was based on the  basis of  Cross Country and Show Jumping for horses. There is a course that both handler and dog must go through. The handler is not allowed to touch the dog or interfere in any other way. He is supposed to control the dog through the course with the help of his voice and some hand movements.

The dog goes through a course that contains different kinds of obstacles. There is a time element in the course. But the important things are the dog's safety through the course and the diligence of both dog and handler through the course.

Before a dog can begin its Agility training he needs to be obedient in such a way that he will obey a single word from his master. He must come when called for and sit without moving untill released. The dog must know the different directions and the commands that follow them, in order for his handler to be able to guide him through the course. The dog's abilities as well as the handler's are being tested. For each of the obstacles there must be a different command. So that the dog will learn to do the course in the best way possible.

Since in contests there are many interferances, having different commands for each obstacle helps the dog not to get confused. In Agility the dog runs free and if he does not obey his handler it can lead to trouble. However Agility is meant to be fun for all who take part, including the dogs and the spectators. Therefore if the necessary steps are being taken all would enjoy it. The steps being first teaching the dog each obstacle separately. Than starting to do easy courses. The courses change again and again, there is no one way to build a course and the placement of the obstacles change repeatedly. Therefore the dogs can not study a specific course like robots, because there is no one course. The dogs are divided according to their height into small, medium and large. The jumps are regulated according to these groups as well, when obviously the smaller dogs will have the lower jumps. ALL kinds of dogs, purebred or not, can take part in Agility. Be it just for fun or in contests. There is no requirements for a certain pedigree in order to enter a contest. Agility is good for dogs in the respect that it teaches them to use their hind quarters, a thing that hardly happens in other circumstances. The obstacles must be build according to FCI standarts and according to the proper safty regulations. For the safty of both dog and handler.



Hoe vaak zou jij een uur in een agility hal huren als er 1 binnen een uur rijden zou zijn.


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